Seamless Connection To Existing Smartphones and Other Computing Platforms

The uniqueness of Aviana’s technology is its seamless connection to existing smartphones and other computing platforms, leading to an end system that includes a single-use, disposable biosensor cartridge, combined with a reusable portable detection reader. These qualities are enabling; the small footprint of the system results in a diagnostic that can be used in any healthcare setting or as a personal device. The biosensor is an adaptation of acoustic wave devices (SAW) that are for used for cellular communication. The system is a label-free diagnostic tool with a very low signal to noise ratio, adapting proprietary software that is enabling for this function. Aviana's software modifies existing software already successfully developed for systems related to NASA space and ground sensor systems programs. The platform aspect of Aviana’s technology and major innovations in cellular communications will allow the Company to build on these strengths to develop systems that address many unmet needs, from episodic infections to monitoring the accuracy of therapeutic regimens.