An Innovative and Portable Diagnostic Platform That Can Treat Those With Infections and Other Diseases at the Point of Care

READER: A state-of-the art, integrated, reusable instrument, that along with the disposable sensor cartridge will be enabled to directly detect bacteria, viruses, toxins, biomarkers, etc. The reader will use the Company’s proprietary technologies to adapt these “biochips” with potential accuracy similar to laboratory based tests but with a small foot print and results in minutes. Since the biochips and software are based on cellular communication technologies, it will include an antenna and connect with GPS in the smart device to identify location of infections and wireless transmission of data to public health agencies and interface with hospital EMRs.


CARTRIDGE: A credit card-sized disposable cartridge with a sample well that can accept samples such as serum, plasma, CSF, stool and even whole blood directly from a finger stick! The heart of the cartridge consists of Aviana’s proprietary sensor coated with an affinity agent that can detect a specific biological agent and self-contained with all the necessary elements needed for testing. The process for applying the sample and its detection is a very simple process requiring no extensive processing.